The Place where I Work: Part 2

I know, I know.  It’s been done already.  But I so loved that Writers’ Rooms series run by The Guardian.  All those fascinating objects on different desks; all those different shaped studies with different views to inspire diverse pieces of writing.

So: today I introduce you to my very own writing space.  It’s half of an old piggery, across the garden and separate from the house.   The ‘separate from the house’ bit is crucial.  Because there’s no noise (unless I want there to be); no phone, no postmen or delivery people hammering on the door demanding signatures.  Just silence.

A few facts about my piggery:

  • The energy is very calm.  Someone told me that pigs have good karma.  Maybe that’s why.
  • The books on the shelves used to be alphabetised but recently the order has got completely out of hand.  But I like that these days that doesn’t bother me.
  • Other people do sometimes make it over the threshold.  Occasionally P comes in for a chat, or daughter curls up in the armchair while I work at my desk.
  • The floor is plenty big enough to roll out the flipchart paper for mind mapping.  However, it’s not quite big enough for me to practice tai chi.
  • I don’t have a wood burning stove.  One day, that would be nice.

And, finally:  yes, I have Wi-fi.  Whether or not this is a Good Thing remains to be seen.

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