Sisterwives, published by Crocus Books


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What would it be like to live in a marriage where you share your life, your family, your husband – your bedroom – with another woman?

Two wives, one husband, one relationship – and a tangled web of love and secrets: Sisterwives is a dramatic story about a poygamous marriage set in an isolated religious community.

About Sisterwives

  • ‘A beautiful debut.  Sisterwives provides a window on the unseen world of polygamy, giving us a female take on the complexities of marriage and desire.’  Suzannah Dunn, bestselling author of The Confession of Katherine Howard
  • ‘A beautifully poised, polished, intelligent and restrained piece of writing… Sisterwives speaks of a profoundly engaged consideration of a wide range of moral, philosophical and spiritual issues…’ Anna South, The Literary Consultancy; former Commissioning Editor at Penguin
  • ‘The quality of the writing impressed me enormously. There are passages of remarkable beauty and intensity.’ Sara Maitland, winner of the Somerset Maugham award and author of A Book of Silence

H. D. and the image, published by Manchester University Press

H.D and the image considers how H. D.’s sense of the visual image was shaped by her engagement with film and spiritualism. It is the only book-length study to explore how H.D.s involvement with the moving image – from her appearance in avant-garde films, to her experience of film editing and her writing on cinema – informs her poetry and prose. Providing an analysis of as yet unpublished primary sources, H.D. and the image also gives an accessible and lucid introduction to the modernist context of H.D.’s work.
About H.D. and the image

• ‘Provocative and provoking, well researched…H.D and the image is a brilliant addition to interdisciplinary studies of H. D.’s work.’ Professor Alison Halsall, York University, Canada

• ‘A rich discussion…provides an entirely fresh context for reading H.D.’ Professor Ian Bell, Keele University, UK