When Rebecca grips her chin and angles it to the left Amarantha sees everything slantwise then, in the glass: Rebecca’s face with its veil of freckles.  Thin brows the same red as her hair, with edges that fade to nothing.  Witch eyes, the children in school say, because of the green, but there’s sometimes a softer light there, too.  From Sisterwives

Seeing and perception; how we’re seen by each other.  Recently I was a guest on East Leeds FM’s monthly wordfest ‘Word Salad’ and ‘seeing’ was the central theme: how do we see ourselves, and each other?  What was the most amazing sight we’d ever seen?  [click to continue…]

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On Sunday 2 October I’ll be a guest on the radio programme ‘Word Salad’, which will air between 5 and 7pm on East Leeds FM.  The theme is ‘Seeing’: what do we see around us, what do we choose not to see, and how are we seen by other people? Do you ever feel invisible in your family, your society? If you’re a writer, how do you get your work seen?

It’s a subject close to my heart: I’m fascinated by the idea of perspective and how it influences our understanding of ourselves and others.  Sisterwives explores some of these ideas, and more, and I’ll be reading some extracts aloud, chatting about writing generally and about my work for the Arvon Foundation.

You can listen live through the website or on your iphone.  And if you don’t get round to it, you can listen again or download the programme from the site: