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Today is the publication of Rebecca Emin’s novel When Dreams Come True.  It’s the story of Charlie, a tomboy who is happiest hanging out with friends, watching films and climbing trees.  When she reaches thirteen, though, things begin to change.  How will the vivid dreams she begins to experience affect her life?  How will her family react when past secrets are revealed?

To mark the publication of When Dreams Come True, I’m taking part – along with others – in a blog hop.  We’ll be writing about vivid dreams and dreams that have affected us.  For me, the dream that has most affected my life is a recurring one I had around the age of fifteen or sixteen.  It’s disturbing, powerful and has remained with me for a long time.

I was in the school gym, with the rest of my family.  We were being held captive there by Nazi-type kidnappers.  We were made to lie face down.  I remember reaching out to grab the hand of my sister.  My dad was reassuring us.  The captors raised their guns and were about to fire.  What rushed through my head was how much I didn’t want to lose my family.  Or, indeed, my life.  It seemed to take an age to wake up.  What stayed with me about the dream was the suspense, the agonising waiting…

Thankfully, the dreams Rebecca writes about in When Dreams Come True aren’t so grim!  Do take a look at Rebecca’s Facebook page, where she is giving away lots of free stuff. You can buy Rebecca’s book at Amazon, Amazon US and Smashwords.

You can also follow Rebecca on Twitter here.

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