3 words for 2016

There’s something special for me about winter: the stillness; the turning inward and time for reflection.  At the turn of the year I always try to reflect on the twelve months just gone and the ones still to come.

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I’ve never really been big on goal-orientated new year’s resolutions.  But recently, inspired by Chris Brogan, I’ve started a ritual of choosing three all-encompassing words to guide me as the year turns and a new one begins.  The ideal is to pick words that are relevant to every area of one’s life, to use them as waymarkers on the journey of the year; as tools for reflecting and taking stock.

In 2014, these were my three words: simplify, complete, clarify.

In 2015, I didn’t do this exercise.  I wish I had.  It was, in many ways, a tough year (but a year of some inspiring and positive changes too).

In 2016, my words are:


I aspire to this on many levels…with dance (which I love, and did not do enough of in the latter part of 2015); friends; a regular running habit; with myself, by allowing more time in my day for solitude and silence.


Far from having negative connotations, surrender suggests a release – a giving up of trying to control things (time, the future, money, progress, tidiness and order, workshops) and instead trusting in intuition, exploration, the creative process and fun.  It means cultivating a ‘good enough’ mindset and trying to shake off perfectionism that might not serve me.  I also hope I can surrender a need to do everything myself; to accept help.


Mostly, this means expanding my horizons: trying new things and experiences, travelling more.  Every once in a while, going beyond my usual habits and routines whether in my writing practice, or my teaching; or on a dance floor.

The idea is to have a regular check-in, as the year unfolds, to see how I’m doing with all these words.  I’ll let you know how I get on but, in the meantime, what would your 3 all-encompassing words be for this year?




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