Talking the hind leg off a donkey

One of the lovely things about being a soon-to-be-published novelist is getting to talk to people.  In the last couple of weeks it’s been a pleasure to be interviewed about Sisterwives, about my literary influences, about my work for the Arvon Foundation and about the writing process.  When it comes to all of those things, really, I could talk the hind leg off a donkey.  While this might come across as egotistical and self important, what I hope is that people see it for what it is: a desire to communicate ideas, which is what drives the desire to write in the first place.

Anyway….I very much enjoyed thinking about the responses to questions in my author interview with Richard Hearn, founder of Paragraph Planet .  Paragraph Planet is a wonderful innovation, publishing a 75 word extract from a different story each day.  Have a look.  Read, comment and – if you feel like it – you can even continue the story by contributing your own 75 word paragraph.  With great interviews from published authors there too, this site is fast becoming a wonderful resource for writers.

Last week I was paid a visit by Mark O’Brien from The Culture Vulture, a blogging venture based in Leeds.  This month, Mark is participating in #challengemark, which involves 28 days of roaming around Yorkshire, seeking out the quirks and cultural highlights of the fair county.  Whether it’s telling tales in Settle for the marvellous Settle Stories storytelling festival or encountering Morris dancers in Whitby, Mark is throwing himself into it, troubadour style.  You can read what he had to say about Lumb Bank, about me and about Sisterwives here.


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