‘Questioning the bedrock of any structure…’

I’m delighted to have my first review of Sisterwives.  It’s up on Lit Endeavors, a blog and all-round amazing resource written by American reader Jennifer Orozco.  As a voracious reader, a writer and mother-of-four, Jennifer is particularly interested in gender, sexism and societal double standards.  So I’d hoped that Sisterwives – which is intended to challenge views of women and marriage, and get readers thinking and talking about it – would be a relevant read.  But Jennifer goes further, suggesting that the novel’s treatment of spirituality questions the bedrock of any sort of structure.

So I’ll leave you with a question, the same question Jennifer poses at the end of her review, and one lurking in the subtext of Sisterwives: ‘what is the purpose of indoctrination?  Whom, ultimately, does it serve?’

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