Sisterwives blurb

The back jacket blurb for Sisterwives is finally done.  Funny word, blurb.  A bit like ‘blurt’ or ‘blab’, when you think about it.  But there’s nothing uncensored about the paragraph below.  It took several iterations and some work with a mighty red pen (well two, actually – the other one belonging to the very patient editors at Crocus Books).  

Here it is:

‘In her compelling debut novel, Rachel Connor weaves together a moving tale of love, faith and redemption through the lives of two women married to the same man.

Rebecca and Amarantha are sisterwives,  married to Tobias and sharing a home in a religious community that has isolated itself from the city of Lot . When the strain becomes too great, Amarantha escapes.  Tobias, in desperation, goes in search of her. 

Moving through past and present, city and community, following the tangled web of love and secrets, Connor’s richly expressive prose alights on each character in a poignant mixture of trepidation and hope. Sisterwives is a delight from a stunning new talent.’

And you never know, soon there might even be a cover image…

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