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I’m Rachel — coach, wordplay guide and writer. I help creative seekers find the truth of their stories so they can live more empowered and abundant lives.

My belief is that we possess a fundamental ability for ‘re-storying.’ We have the power to redefine how we perceive ourselves; reshaping old narratives to connect to more abundance, both for ourselves as individuals and for our communities.

This creative act can set us free.

I am driven by a love of words, whether verbally or on the page. My process is shaped by the pleasure and power of language: whether co-partnering with clients through the coaching process, mentoring writers to address the craft and psychology of writing or facilitating creative workshops. If you want to explore long-held patterns in the story of your life — or get support to develop one you’ve imagined for the page — I will collaborate with you to re-shape and express it.

About me

As a teacher, lecturer and facilitator, I am a longstanding and skilful holder of groups. Over the years, I have supported creativity by running workshops in universities, in high schools and the community for participants ranging from eleven to eighty.  For three years, I helped run a residential centre for writers.  A writer myself, I am a novelist, prize-winning short story writer and a commissioned dramatist for audio and stage.

I’ve always had a fascination for how words shape us.  I have a Bachelors degree and PhD in literature and MA in creative writing. My love of narrative and storytelling infuses my work as a coach and mentor. I have extensive experience as a writing mentor and am trained in both executive and life coaching.  For me, working one-to-one means partnering with the client to co-create meaning. Each coaching or mentoring engagement, whether standalone or part of an ongoing package, has its own trajectory, its own story. Coaching, for me, means being part of a dynamic field in which there are no right answers. It is a container of trust for whatever powerful truths need to emerge.

I am based in the north of the UK, where I live in an old converted chapel in the hills in Yorkshire, and work with clients in person and online, locally and internationally.

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