For Books’ Sake: a review of Sisterwives

It’s been tough going in the past few weeks.  I’ve been struggling with a cough since the new year, but last ten days have seen me confined to bed with a severe chest infection they thought was pneumonia (turns out it isn’t).  Now I know how all those consumptive Victorian heroines felt.  Seriously, I’ll never take breathing for granted again.

Anyway – to banish the wintry gloom – I felt like sharing something that cheered me immensely this week: I was delighted to have a really positive review of Sisterwives by Alex Herod on For Books’ Sake.  It’s a great website, full of author interviews, well informed articles, reviews and more – ‘an intelligent but irreverent site featuring books by and about independent women.’  All the more reason to be happy that they like my novel.

Here’s a taster of the review:

‘The story [of Sisterwives] moves seamlessly from present to past and back again, weaving a web of secrets that is intriguing and somewhat hypnotic, not least because Connor takes her time – her writing doesn’t race along, it doesn’t rush you, instead allowing you to become absorbed in the detail. I read the book in one sitting and was engrossed, each character revealing a fraction of the story that is yet to happen, the history of the community and the pasts they no longer speak about…There is a delicate balance within the book, exploring the choices people make rather than condemning them. There have been numerous books about polygamous, fundamentalist sects from both female and male perspectives, exposing control mechanisms and widespread abuse, but within the framework of a novel, Connor treads more gently, unpicking the threads that bind these people and seeing how her characters respond.’

You can read the review in full here.  Thanks to Alex and the good people at For Books’ Sake for publishing it.  I’ll be posting a 5 Minute Friday interview up there once I’m back on my feet….


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